Free 6 Month webhosting – Special offer

Free 6 Month Dual Advanced web hosting – special offer
From No1 player in web-hosting
Special offer Link
1> Free 6 Month Dual Advanced web hosting (1 year)
2> Details: One free Domain ($ 9 value)
3> Unlimited websites
4> Unlimited bandwidth
5> 65 featured Click & website Building applications
6> Daily server backups
Problem: The only problem is there is a set up fee of $4.99 as they have not cancelled setup fee, but no loss as you are getting 1 free  domain registration and a full 6 month web hosing free so it’s not actually a problem.
so you will get $42 value ($6.99/month) hosting for 6 monh free after that a contract price or in simple term monthly price of $6.99/month
Offer ends: Sept 31

My Disclosure: I host this website on Dreamhost but my web hosting account comes to renewal in January 2012 also i want to host some of my other websites on different webhosting company (Diff ip) for seo and ranking benefit so i have also used this offer and got a free hosting account.

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