Microsoft Advertising Rs1000 Credit for Indians

Want to advertise your website on Bing and Yahoo?

Now Indian webmasters, businessman’s can open Microsoft Advertising account and get free Rs1000 (Rs 1000 clicks) to spend on advertising on Yahoo and Bing search engines. (Updated 7 Mar 14 – Offer Still On)

Rs 1000 in FREE Clicks for everyone from Microsoft
Step 1> Get Rs1000 code Here
Microsoft sends code in email
You get Rs 1000 code in your email and copy that

Step 2> Go to Microsoft Advertising adCenter and Complete the sign-up form and click Submit. You get login details by email.

Step 3> Login and on the Accounts & Billing tab, select your account.
On the Accounts Details page, enter your Payment method and Promotion code.  Also enter credit card details.  If you spend more than first free Rs1000 they will charge your credit card so it’s your decision to continue advertising with Microsoft bing after first Rs500 exhaust or pause campaign.

Notes :
This offer is available only for Indian peoples.

  1. This offer is available only for new account opening
  2. No setup fee
  3. Microsoft will deposit promotional amount to your account within 5-10 minutes of sign up.
  4. Same as Google adwords ppc ads so advertise your website on bing and yahoo Free (Rs 1000).
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